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SPA Package "Polynesia"

Peeling Polynesia - 45 minutes

It is a stop on the island Taha – Vanilla island, famous for the abundance of vanilla, which is also called "the black gold". The vanilla extracts have strong detoxifying and relaxing characteristics. Peeling with fragrant sugar scrub that includes finely grounded coconut shells, white sand of Bora Bora, sea salts and vanilla, which exfoliate and soften skin. The treatment can be performed in a Turkish bath or a separate massage room.

Aromatherapy Paradise - 50 minutes

Essential oils are defined as the "hormones" of plants. They are natural extracts that can be obtained from blossoms, leaves, bark, seeds, fruits of flowers, trees and herbs. Combined with soft muted light and appropriate fragrances they favourably affect health, mood, having antiseptic, relaxing and energizing effect. They improve blood circulation and protect skin from external negative factors.

Total regular price: 215 BGN

Special offer: 169 BGN*

*Prior reservation at SPA Reception is needed. The above-mentioned rate does not include accommodation.

You can book your preferred SPA Package when booking your room and selecting among the Additional Services Section.